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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  April 24, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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what the students say about this brawl. also, how a phone call could cause the school year to be suspended at a house in casa county. it is wednesday, april 24th. this is bay area news at 7:00. we begin with news in the south bay where an apparent drag race ended with a car crashing into a home sending five to the hospital. we are told three teenagers and a 5-year-old child are among the
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injured. >> reporter: i got an update from san jose police. i am standing about a block away. police say the red car you see crashed here is one of the two cars that was speeding down here about 4:00. they say the other silver car went into the house you see here and essentially plunged into the living room. i want to show you video from news chopper 2. police say that a 40-year-old mother was inside the home. right now she is in serious condition with life-threatening injuries. her 4-year-old daughter is inside. she is expected to recover. students on the accept tell us one of the cars drive -- scene tell us one of the cars the driver was a junior. the senior was a cousin driving the silver car. inside the car were two females also from the high school. no one is in custody at this point. there is a big hole in the house. police will have to come figure
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out what happened. we are told no one is in custody but charges could be filed if they feel like wrong doing has happened. coming up at 10:00 on channel 2, maureen taylor. a collision that caused a few minor injuries. it has been about one hour since this crash on third street in the bay view. officials say a light rail train was heading down third when the truck made an illegal turn in front of the train. passengers were taken to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. happened just before 4:00 this afternoon in the 100 block of the city's bay view district. the victim later died.
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few details are being made public. police remain on the scene this evening collecting evidence. for a third day in a row someone called in a bomb threat. now frustration is mounding for teachers, parents and some students. eric rasmussem has more. eric. >> reporter: students and teachers evacuated again today after someone called in another threat. private security is now patrolling deer valley high school in antioch after three consecutive days of bomb threats. police say two threats were called in and a third to antioch high school across town. parent debbie peterson was on campus when the first call came in. student snapped this photo and added his own caption was everyone was escorted out. >> this is the third day in a
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row. it's a bit ridiculous but we're also really tired. it's scary for everybody. >> missay they found no explosives and called the threats a hoax. but parents and even some students are not amused. >> it is getting kind of annoying. they are going to add days at the end of the school year. >> may have put the students in danger of missing the instructional units required by the state. >> we will be looking at how we would have to -- if we had to make up those minutes. >> could that mean extra days on the school year? >> possibly. >> reporter: with about 2600 students here, officials confirm they are looking into whether a single student could have been responsible. it could get that person expelled or charged with a felony. the superintendent tells me police are following leads. they are even going to give students a way to text in
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anonymous tips. live in antioch, eric rasmussen. charges of felony child abuse. two sisters are accused of wrapping infants in blankets so tightly the babies could not move. police say the swaddling technique was used in an effort to force the children to sleep. the preschool was shut down after discovering several licensing violations. one option for the bay bridge is to put a collar on top. the other would be to put a plate, like a saddle over them. it is part of the bridge's ability to sustain a major earthquake. officials say it could delay the opening on labor day weekend. >> we will open the new east span only when it is ready and not a day sooner.
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>> engineers plan to come back on may 8th to tell the bridge authority which fix they have chosen and given a estimate of the cost. boston's street reopenedded to nine days a the twin bombings near the marathon finish line. the street has been transformed into a memorial to the people killed and the people injured. vice president joe biden was among those who this gathered today, one for a police officer who was killed during the manhunt of the bomb suspect. >> whether it is al-qaida or two twisted, proverted, cowardly knockoffs here in boston, why do they do what they do. >> reporter: reports the suspects detonated the bombs with a remote device. the surviving suspects were seen using a cell phone just before the first explosion. the city of richmond is
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working on its own gun control ordinance following a vote by the city council. at ninety, not clear how restrictive a city ordinance might be. a series of shooting month has left several people dead in richmond, including two teens and a 24-year-old man. city coup sill is expecked to view drafts in the come -- expected to view drafts in the coming months. a woman shot and killed yesterday in oakland may have been targeted in a drug deal gone wrong. the woman was fatally shot while driving a car with two other women inside about 24:00 2:00 -- 2:45 a.m. this authorities will not release the victim's name. law enforcement officers from the bay area are hunting for a wanted criminal being connected to many crimes.
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our robert haan has more. >> the man law enforcement called the violent serial thief is seen here on surveillance month stealing a vehicle. investigators say he changes his appearance often and has targeted locations even more. they say the 42-year-old is on a rampage of crime. in this video obtain by ktvu, his mother who didn't show her face while talking to a sheriff's deputy pleaded with her son to surrender. >> don't want you or anyone to be hurt at all. >> they are checking to see if anything is connected. the santa cruz this officials say storm is suspected of car thefts and other crimes in
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other counties as well. >> i don't know why he changes locations so often. he changes vehicles like he's changing, you know, outfits fair -- for the day. >> storm's mother says her son needs help. >> please turn yourself in. please stop. >> reporter: the list of crimes could get longer because many agencies are now looking at recent thefts to see if they fit storm's pattern. robert haun channel 7 news. barry bonds record. you can see the glue marks are still visible. giants fans wonder what could have happened to him. >> how could somebody steal that and get out of the park with it. >> notice our beloved home plate here. where is this at? do you know? is it like a where's waldo
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thing. >> bond hit his 756th home run august 7th of 2007. gi say they have reviewed video from their security cameras bit hasn't revealed what happened to that sign. union sheet medal workers gathered against a real estate development company. the union saysbe properties is bringing nods workers and paying them far less than union wages with few or no benefits. this rally was held wherebe was holding its annual share holders meeting. union workers say the company is costing them their jobs. a u.s. marine who lost both his legs in afghanistan was honored by his former high school. staff sergeant jason ross got a hero's welcome at his alma mater. later, ross threw out the first pitch for a baseball game.
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ross lost his legs two years ago when he stepped on an ied while on patrol. >> at than point arillussed both my legs are gone -- i realized both my legs are gone. i sat there for a second and i was like i'm good. >> the 29-year-old says he hopes to return to active duty one day, perhaps as an instructor. a brawl between a student and teacher caught on camera. we hear from the student involved and learn what sparked this classroom fight. with an extra 12-cent tax on the sodas, it help fight obesity. clouds already heading back into the bay. coming up, how much cloud cover can you expect for thursday morning, and the one direction temperatures will be heading by the weekend.
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this brawl caught on cell phone phone video took place between a student and teacher this week. freshman says the teacher confiscated her makeup and cell phone. then the two started screaming and flailing at one another. the student was arrested for assault, but she says the teacher started the violence. >> she pushed me and started hitting me. >> what did you do in reaction? >> i hit will have had pack. >> school officials called the incident regrettable and say an investigation is underway. the teacher a mac eye and is -- black eye and is on paid leave. teachers rallied to fight for student safety. the teachers set up a picket line. parents dropped off their
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chil for class. aw aonthey say including gang violence, drug use and a crumbling infra structure. students agree there are problems. >> when the teachers have to focus on certain type of students that do get in trouble and they tray to stop the fights, none of the rest of us can learn. >> we want to make sure before something rail severe happens we are positive as teachers that our kids are protected. >> district leaders tell ktvu that they are working with the school to get better with safety. a controversial sugary beverage tax. >> reporter: the sugar added beverage tax would raise an estimated $2.6 billion a year. the bill's author tells me the
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money would go to a new state fund to fight childhood obesity. >> we are facing a current public health epidemic. the single source of caloric intake is proven to be sugar sweet beverages. >> would a tax reduce consumption? >> the people that are going to bite will buy it. i don't think it will make a difference. >> the tax would a penny an ounce to sugary soft drinks as well as sweatenned tea even energy drinks. the idea has been tried before locally, but also nationwide. each time meeting well funded opposition. >> i don't think the government's role is to try to change how we eat and drink on a daily basis. >> the center for consumer freedom represents the food and beverage industry. five months the city rejected 2-1. new york state failed to pass. washington state briefly taxed
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but ended it. the obama administration abandoned plans for a tax after intense lobbying. they say the sugary drink industry targets the same people as tobacco. >> it is this minor cities. they have the most health risks. >> senate bill 22 goes before the health committee next wednesday. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. around for 150 years is facing an uncertain future tonight as it must repay nearly $20 million to cover funding cost. cuts were first approved in 2011 but were put on hold because of a lawsuit. the state eventually won that suit and now says they must pay back what it calls overpayment for the last few years. >> the jewish home has no capacity to pay back the $20
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million retroactive liability and sustain an on going 10 to 12 million, 11 to $12 million cuts going forward. >> they sent out 300 pink slips with 100 layoffs. firefighters rescued a man from a burning home in san francisco's specific heights neighborhood earlier today. the fire started just before 11:00 in a three story home. took fire crews about 45 minutes to contain fire. no injuries were reported. the cause is under investigation. far was injured this afternoon putting out a -- a firefighter was injured than putting out a if fire. firefighters were able to rescue a dog. the injured firefighter suffered burns to his shoulder. tonight a new curfew will go into effect. the santa cruz city council
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imposes a curfew from midnight until an hour before sunrise. this comes after complaints of illegal camping and littering. one man posted a video on youtube showing used needles and ste which prompted e citycouncil to act. >> i didn't think that little movie would generate this much action, but it really gives me hope that things can change for the positive. >> city leaders say police will issue citations starting tonight. underground drilling will soon begin on the central subway project. we got a look inside what is called the launch box. early tomorrow workers are allowing the first of two giant tunnel boring machines into the box. over the next five years they will dig their way to china town. >> this will get people out of car are also and speed up
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transsit from one part of the city up to china town. >> engineers say pedestrians above won't notice a thing. the $1.5 billion central subway is set to open in 2019. in san francisco leaders are pushing far city wide bike share program if by next year. the board of supervisors passed a resolution urging the municipal transportation agency to launch the program with a fleet of 3,000 bikes. clint the city plans to make about 5,000 bikes available. we all know traffic in san francisco can be a nightmare. coming up, we will show you how it stacks up to other cities. and which cities top the list of worst traffic in the country. ktvu's meteorologist mark
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. a big dropoff. in san francisco, 20 degrees cooler compared to yesterday. we had a few 80s on monday. today, upper 50s. santa rosa topped out 63
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degrees. 80s to report out toward antioch and fairfield. thursday, satellite loop. in fact, i will put this in motion. you see the clouds hugging the shoreline. fog is still out there. it will ramp up coverage for the overnight hours. as far as temperatures, right nowup dated for the 7:00 hour. they are ranging from the mid- 50s. pretty chilly in pacifica. san jose reporting 63 degrees and partly sunny skies. marine layer pretty shallow today. it will stretch while you're sleeping. as it does, it will transport the cooler air for tomorrow. tomorrow, one of the coolest days of the week. thursday, count on low clouds and fog and temperatures to start out the day, plain in the 40s. there is a chance we could have patchy drizzle. we have been watching this area
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of low pressure basically drifting close to southern california. this will cap our temperatures down towards los angeles. increasing fog for tonight. tomorrow, the coolest day of the week. here is our forecast model. it does ramp up the coverage first thing tomorrow morning. 8:00, once again drizzle coast side and right around the bay. we'll put this into motion. summertime weather pattern, we will be talking about this june, july, august. temperatures for tomorrow, the warmest locations inland more 90s. no more 80s. warmest locations approaching the lower 70s. oakland will go 62 degrees san jose, high 67. downtown 6 degrees at the board walk. san francisco upper 50s. your 5-day forecast with the weekend always in view. temperatures up a little bit for friday and saturday. warmest locations approaching the lower 80s.
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no rain clouds on the 5 day. >> mark, thank you. national parks in the bay area are cutting back their hours because of the budget cuts. as a result, the national historic siting has announced it will only be open friday and saturday. this. san francisco ranks third on a just released ranking of u.s. cities with the worst traffic only jest. topping that list, los angeles, followed by honolulu. austin, texas comes in fourth. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. :00 coverage continues with the 10ws. tonight, more information about the arrest at a day care center because of concerns that babies there were being swadded too tightly. we are always for you on ktvu vu -- tmz is up next on tv 36.
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